17 Old Ladder Ideas: Creative And Cleaver Hacks For Every Room

Does your ladder no longer support your step? So, have you decided to throw that old ladder away?


Once your ladder has arrived at the end of its lifespan, you can repurpose it into all sorts of different things. Old ladder offers a natural charm in home decoration that you won’t find in anything else.

So, before throwing away that olden ladder on the curb, consider these innovative ideas.

These 17 creative and cleaver old ladder ideas will help you to up cycle them into some great DIY projects. It doesn’t matter whether you have small or large space; these genius old ladder decorating ideas will provide an appealing look to every room of your home.

So, without further ado, let’s read and consider these ideas!

17 Creative And Cleaver Old Ladder Ideas

These 17 lucrative, creative, and cleaver ideas will help you to reuse an old ladder and add a unique touch to your interiors.

1. Dishtowel Rack

You can use an old wooden ladder as a kitchen dish towel rack or towel holder. By using an old vintage ladder as a towel holder, you can add instant farmhouse appeal to your kitchen. You can hang the towels from the rungs.

2. Kitchen pot rack/ shelves

Feeling pain to store pots and pans in the kitchen as they take up much space? In any country-chic kitchen, a kitchen pot rack made with an oldish ladder will look great. You can attach the ladder to the wall and keep organized your pots and pans. Additionally, you can also suspend the ladder horizontally and hang bits and pieces from hooks. Of course, you’ll need a sturdy ladder for this. And don’t forget to secure the ladder to the wall studs with sturdy hardware.

3. Antique kitchen tool display

If you love antique kitchen tools, you can organize and display your collection by using an old ladder. Can you imagine how lovely this display rack looks?

4. Bathroom towel rack

You can reuse the timeworn adder as a bathroom towel rack. It’s a practical way to hang and dry bathroom towels. This type of rack takes up little space in your bathroom. Just make sure, the ladder material can withstand dampness and humidity.

5. Bathroom Organizer

Using an old rickety ladder as a bathroom organizer is a smart idea. No more things spread around in your bathroom, no need for wall stuck shelves or a huge chest drawer! An old ladder can be perfect shelving that won’t take up much space. The best way is leaning a ladder against the bathroom wall. That it! Keep your toiletries.

6. Bookshelf or bookcase

Turning a repurposed ladder into a standing bookshelf or corner bookshelf is a creative and affordable option. It’s much cooler than anything you can buy from a store. You can mount the repurposed ladder horizontally to create a tiny bookshelf.

7. Ladder shoe rack

An old wooden ladder can be an elegant display of your shoes and other accessories. It will not only keep organized your shoes and boots but also add a nice design touch at the same time.

8. Display Shelves

Your step stool or wood folding old ladder that has shelves placed across the back and front rungs can be a stylish display shelf for potted houseplants or anything.

9. Step ladder bedside table

It’s a good idea to use a stepladder as a bedside table. The open shelving design of the step ladder works with many styles. You can paint it to match your room décor or leave it natural.

10. Quilt rack

Get an instant quilt rack by hanging your old wooden ladder horizontally on the wall. Your neatly folded winter blankets are at the ready. This idea will provide you a more spacious room. You may also lean your straight ladder against the wall and hang your blanket on the rungs. This will definitely add vintage charm to your room.

11. Dining room ceiling decoration- lantern suspender

To create an eclectic, warm look to your dining room ceiling, you can use a ladder as a frame to hang lanterns of various colors, shapes and heights.

12. Photo Gallery

An old ladder can be used as a photo display. Lean your ladder against the wall in any corner of your room, add some cup hooks and your ladder is ready to be used as a hanging photo gallery. Painting the rungs is also a good idea to add a more gorgeous look. You may also use your repurposed ladder as a wall shelf to display much more.

13. Magazine shelf

Are your magazines heaped behind the cabinet door and left unread? To bring them out in open a ladder-turned-magazine shelf can help you. Using your old timber ladder as a magazine holder is a cool idea to use the space and repurpose it smartly. Hang the old magazines over the rungs of a straight ladder and keep your favorite issue at hand.

14. Nursery Wardrobe

You can make a fantastic display of your little one’s clothes by hanging them on a ladder. It can also be a perfect hanging spot for toys and dolls. But don’t forget to secure it to the wall if you plan to put it in your child’s room.

15. Laundry hanger

A repurposed suspended ladder can be an all-in-one solution for hanging your clothes to dry. In fact, it’s a great way to dry your dryer sensitive and wrinkle-prone items.

16. At the home entryway

Isn’t it a good idea to keep an olden ladder in your entryway to your home to catch umbrellas, coats, and more. Indeed, you’ll be impressed to enjoy its convenience.

17. Suspended flower or plant rack

Lean your straight ladder against a wall, and suspend your favorite vases from the rungs of the ladder. You can also use mason jars, fill them with water, and put fresh-cut flowers in them. Use strong twine or ribbon to suspend the jars or vases. Undoubtedly, it’ll become a simple but attractive display that will make a significant impact on your room.

A wisely and correctly used old ladder can be a very functional element in any interior as well as in the outdoors and garden. And the impact that this old item will create is worth the attention.

These 17 DIY, creative old ladder ideas are surprisingly exciting and will add character to any interior- bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or balcony.

If you have more ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us!
Thanks for reading!

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