Best 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Reviews: Craftman’s Secret!

The best 16 gauge finish nailer is a crucial tool when performing simple furniture works. It is ideal for putting the finishing touches to your patio, decks, and other general indoor or outdoor woodwork projects. If you are on a project where the aesthetic and holding power matters a lot to you, you need a top-rated 16-gauge finish nailer.

This is why our 16 gauge finish nailer reviews will examine the top and most preferred 16 gauge nail guns in the market. We will discuss their description, features, and many other essential things to guide you to make a decision.

Comparison Table Of 16-gauge Finish Nailer

Product Name
Power Source
Magazine Capacity
Nail size
Best Pick
Product Name


Power Source

20 Volt battery powered

Magazine Capacity

110 nails

Nail Size

1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch



Milwaukee Elec Tool 2742-21CT
Product Name

Milwaukee Tool 2742-21CT

Power Source

18 volt Red Lithium ion battery

Magazine Capacity

110 nails

Nail Size

1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch



Best Quality
NuMax SFN64
Product Name

NuMax SFN64

Power Source

Air Powered

Magazine Capacity

Top loading magazine capacity

Nail Length Capacity

1 inch to 2 1/2 inch length



Best 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Reviews

#1. DEWALT DCN660B – Best value 16 gauge finish nailer


– Magazine capacity of 110 nails
– Nail length capacity of 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch

– Adjustable belt hook
– 20 Volt battery powered

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This is one of the top 16 gauge battery nail guns with no miss fires or jams. The dual switch makes it versatile with the ability to have multiple shots. This makes it perfect for trim work, and every other thing you need it for.

Powerful operation

Powered by a 20 Volt, Lithium-ion battery, it can set your nails in any wood. A fully charged 2 Ah battery can shoot up to 800 nails. There is a battery level indicator that displays at the press of a button.

Easy to use

It comes with a carrying case that houses the charger, battery, and other nail boxes. It is easy to load and holds as much as 110 nails. The dept gauge shows a clear indication of the tool’s depth setting.

Varying Mode

With the bump and sequential mode, you get to fire the nails with utmost precision. When running a baseboard, for instance, you can use the bump mode.


  • Swift operation
  • Battery level indicator
  • No jams and misfires
  • Easy to load


  • Weight of 6 pounds is not light
  • Gun keeps firing when empty

When using it, do not pull the trigger in a manner that seems like you are trying to shoot many rounds of the gun at once. Instead, engage the trigger gradually.

#2. Tool 2742-21CT Milwaukee 16 gauge finish nailer review

Milwaukee Elec Tool 2742-21CT

– Dry fire lockout
– Handles nail size of 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch

– Adjustable belt hook
– 110 nail capacity

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The freedom of being cordless makes this a good 16-ga finish nailer worth trying. It applies to varieties of jobs and is an outstanding product, worth every penny.

Powerful operation

With many amazing features, it is a worthy 16 ga finish nailer. There is a reliable and ultra swift brushless motor that provides increased run time, more power, and a stronger battery. It can sink in nails as long as two and a half inches in stable wood.

Intelligent Operation

Milwaukee Elec Tool 2742-21CT features a Redlink plus electronic intelligence. With this, there is a powerful interaction between the battery and the nailer. As a result, users can expect top performance from the tool without the occurrence of overheating and overloading. This helps ensure continuous productivity.

Other features

Eighteen volt Red Lithium-ion batteries power the Milwaukee Elec Tool 2742-21CT. There is also a LED light, which makes the tool relevant in low light.


  • LED light
  • Easy to use jam release
  • The low tendency of overheating
  • Cordless makes it versatile


  • It is not light in weight

The jam release opens up past 90 degrees. If you do have a mashed nail, you can use a needle nose to remove it.

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#3. BTFP71917 BOSTITCH 16 gauge finish nailer review


– Smart point technology & Oil free
– Selectable trigger
– Handles nail from 1 1/4 inch to 2 1/2 inch length.

– Magazine capacity of 100 nails
– Corded electric power source

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Unlike the other 16 gauge nail gun we considered in this review, it is lightweight. It worked without any issue, and the smart point safety mechanism makes it top-notch. The small nose piece feature makes you see where you are putting the nail.

Smart Point technology

This is one of the most worthy oil-free pneumatic 16 gauge finish nailers. It stands out thanks to the small nose, which allows for easy nail placement. With this, you do not need to compress the contact trip to use the tool. With the smart point technology, users will easily reach narrow places like inside corners.

Tool-Free Jam Release Mechanism

In case you need to remove a nail, this feature will come in handy. You do not need a screwdriver or any other tool remover to remove nails.

Adjustable Exhaust

There is equally a 360-degree adjustable exhaust that clears the dust away from your face while working. This will allow for superb precision when using the 16 gauge nail gun.


  • Quiet operation
  • Not too heavy
  • Accurate nail placement


  • The nail loading could be improved

The nail head height can be adjusted to give various finishes for the surface you are working on. You can either use flush or recessed nail head height.

#4. NuMax SFN64 – Best budget 16 gauge finish nailer

NuMax SFN64

– Air powered & Anti dust cap
– 360 degree adjustability

– Top loading magazine capacity
– Handles nail from 1 inch to 2 1/2 inch length.

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This is one of the most reasonably priced 16 gauge battery finish nailer. Cases of jamming are few, and it is made with high-quality materials that will last long.

Beautiful Ergonomic Design

With amazing features and superb quality, it stands out as one of 16 gauge battery finish nailer with high customer satisfaction. Made with durable aluminum and is lightweight. Cases of dents and dings are also few thanks to the no-mar tip. 

It is rugged and easy to operate and can work for an extended period. The grip handle is comfortable, delivering excellent results, and ensuring you work without any damage.

Innovative Design

It comes with a thin gauge and a small head. With this, the nail can smoothly go into your wood. The small size makes it comfortable and appropriate for varying levels of job like crown molding, chair rail molding, cabinetwork, etc.


  • High-quality aluminum
  • Low cases of jamming
  • Reasonably priced
  • Light in weight
  • One year warranty


  • No hook to hang on your belt while working

The shortest nail length it takes is 1 ¼ inch and bear in mind it was designed for angled nail.

#5. DEWALT DC618K XRP – Best 16 gauge cordless finish nailer


– Integrated LED light
– Bump and sequential operating modes
– Contract trip off lock
– 18 Volt Battery
– 120 nails capacity
– Handles nail size of 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch

If you need a better alternative to pneumatic and other types of nail guns, we recommend using the DEWALT DC618K XRP nail gun. It is sturdy, heavy, and works well. It is cordless and recommended for angle nails.

Strength and Performance

It comes with a strong engine which makes it work fast and gives you a consistent nail penetration as you work. It features a nosepiece that helps remove jammed nails easily without using any other tool. There is a contact Trip lock-off which helps users disable triggers when idle.

Precise Operation

With the sequential operating mode option, users can have accurate placement of the nail. The bump operating mode allows you to work at superb speed. You will not have to adjust the dept before you switch between operations with the six-position dial.

Comfortable Operation

It weighs less than 9 pounds making it easy to use, light in weight, and easily maneuverable. There is a LED light that offers a backup lighting system when using in dark or low light places. It is powered by an 18 volt, Lithium-ion battery.


  • Three year warranty
  • Last long after each charging
  • Wireless
  • One hour charge


  • A little heavy

There are times the tip that drives the nail might not go back far enough to clear the path ready for the next nail. You can solve this with periodic oiling. All you need is a 4 oz bottle of DeWalt Pneumatic Fastening Tool Lubricant. A few drops will do the trick.

Buying Guide Of Best 16 ga Finish Nailer

There are some things you need to take note of before selecting the best 16 gauge, cordless finish nailer. This section will shed light on them.

Magazine Types

One of the most important things to pay attention to before selecting a nail gun is the magazine type. There are two types of magazines common to most 16 gauge nail fillers. These are the nail stick and coil magazine types.

  • Coil magazine : This type of nail gun can hold between 140 and 350 nails. It neatly arranges the nails in long and flexible strips. These nails are arranged to form a cool. Compared to the nail sticks, the coil magazine does hold more nails. With this, you get to go about your work without delay. Another advantage is that the magazines do not stick out. This makes it easier for users to maneuver the nailer. The main disadvantage is that the finish nailers that come with coil magazine tend to be pretty costlier compared to those that come with a nail stick.
  • Nail Stick : The difference between nail stick magazine types is that at a time, it can hold long strips of nails in an average of 30 increments. Nail stick magazines come in various sizes, but the capacity is lesser compared to that of the coil magazine. This is because of the absence of coiling. There are finish top rated nailers that hold more than one stick (like two or three) while other common ones will accommodate a single stick.

Size and Weight

You also need to be mindful of the size and weight of your nail gun. This is vital because it will determine how comfortable you will be while using the finish nailer.

People that will be using the nailer for long periods, for instance, need a tool that is light in weight. This is important to reduce stress and discomfort in the hand muscle. The presence of a strap to attach it to your belt is also essential.

You also need to go for a compact and lightweight 16 gauge nail guns because they are easy to transport. This is vital if you are a professional that will be going to various sites.

Angled or Straight Gauge Nailer

The angle from which the nailer operates is another vital factor that determines the choice of a gauge nailer. This is a matter of preference, however, because both of them come with their different pros and cons.

An Angled nail gun is the right choice if you will be working in a tight or enclosed area. With an angled nailer gauge, you can reach spots that a straight nailer will not reach. A straight nail gun, on the other hand, is powerful and offers some stability because of its shape.

Nail Depth

With the best rated 16 gauge finish nailer, you will be able to control the depth of the nail. You do not want excessive depth as it could spoil your workpiece. On the other hand, less depth might not give you the power you seek.

This is why you should be mindful of the type of nail gun you will buy. The depth adjustment feature, most time, is a factor of the model of the 16 gauge filler you are buying.

All in all, be sure to choose a finish nailer that will give you smooth, fast, and comfortable dept adjustment. 

Nail jamming

No matter how top-rated a finish nailer is, it cannot escape the issue of nail jamming. However, the best thing to do is only go for products that are easy to clear.

The best 16 gauge nail gun comes with a jam clearing feature. This is important to ensure you never waste time when trying to sort a nail jam out.

Safety Features

You should always prioritize safety in every work you are doing. Also, the safety of your finish nailer is pretty essential. The best 16 gauge battery finish nailer comes with a fantastic safety feature, which is what you should be after.

You should not joke with your safety while using the nail gun. As a result, make sure you go for a 16 gauge filler that can prevent ricochets and the ones that have a better positioning. This helps you have a good time while using the tool. 

Material and Durability

One of the most important things you should consider in choosing a nail finisher is the material. Your priority should be high-quality materials that will ensure the material last and withstand heavy usage. The material should be durable, with the ability to handle wood.

With the above in mind, prioritize choosing a durable quality material when going for your finish nailer. This will allow you to have a gauge filler that will last long.

Cord or Cordless Finish Nailer, Which is better?

Nail finishers could be cord or cordless, and they have their specific features. However, the best and most appropriate choice depends on what you want.

Corded nail guns do work with a compressor. They are cheap and lighter with a distinct advantage of limitation because the cord limits how you can maneuver it .

Cordless nailer, on the other, does not have the restriction described above. Unlike the corded counterpart, they are substantial since the battery and all the accessories needed to operate are in the machine. Even though they are heavy, carrying them about is easy since they are cordless.  One of the main disadvantages is that they come with an average weight of 5 pounds. This should not be an issue if you are used to carrying something weightier.

FAQ’s about 16 gauge finish nailer

#1. What Size of Nail FInsiher Should I go for?

One of the essential things to characterize a finish nailer is the thickness of the nails that they shoot. The general rule is that if a nail gun has a big gauge number; it can only use small nail sizes. This article is about 16 ga finish nailer reviews that can shoot big size nails.

If you need a finish nailer to put finishing touches on your door trim, we advise going for a nailer with a bigger gauge. This is because it can shoot small nails, which gives a smoother finish since the nail will hardly leave a hole. This way, you get a perfect job with less filling.

#2. Do all Finish Nailer come with a Compressor?

There is some finish nailer that is operated with air. Others as well are powered with a battery, and users must change the battery after every 500 nails. Using a nail gun with a compressor, remove the need for replacing your battery every time.

Battery-powered finish nailers, on the other hand, is portable and can be carried with you on any assignment. You can use them as long as they are charged.

If you are in the market for the best 16 ga finish nailer, this review has you covered. After examining the top-rated five 16 gauge nail gun in the market, we hope you can find the one that suits you most.

Our top pick is DEWALT DCN660B 20V 16 Gauge 20° Finish nailer. It is well built, very reliable, and has the highest customer satisfaction rating. This is in addition to the excellent battery life and reasonable price.

Make sure you read our best 16 gauge finish nailer reviews before making your choice.

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