Best 2 Man Ladder Stand: (Affordable) For Hunting Safely

Best 2 Man Ladder Stand

2 man ladder stand is perfect for more room for your hunting partner, or simply for your gears. And as you’re now here, you’re likely checking out the best 2 man ladder stands.

The market is over-flooded with too many options of 2 person ladder stands. So, selecting the right product is not at all a simple task.

Indeed, that is what we attempt to review and recommend. We’ve checked through many models. However, the following top 5 choices are very popular ones with great quality, durability, sturdiness, and of course PRICE.

No matter you’re a nature photographer, hunter, or birdwatcher, should it be here the one you’re looking for!

Best 2 Person Ladder Stand Comparison Chart

Product Brand
Seat size
Platform Size
Stand Weight(pounds)
Weight capacity(pounds)
Stand Height(ft.)
Best Pick
Best Double Ladder Stand for Hunting
Product Brand

X-Stand The Jayhawk

Seat size

39″ W x 17″ D

Platform Size

42″ W x 34″ D

Stand Weight(pounds)


Weight capacity(pounds)


Stand Height(ft.)


Cheap 2 man ladder stands
Product Brand

GTS Sniper Deluxe

Seat size

38” W x 13” D

Platform Size

37” W x 13” D

Stand Weight(pounds)


Weight capacity(pounds)


Stand Height(ft.)


Best Quality
Most comfortable 2 man ladder tree stand
Product Brand

Muddy MTS400

Seat size

37” W x 18” D

Platform Size

40” W x 33” D

Stand Weight(pounds)


Weight capacity(pounds)


Stand Height(ft.)


Best Two Man Ladder Stands Review

#1. X-Stand The Jayhawk 20′ – Best double ladder stand for hunting

Best Double Ladder Stand for Hunting

• Revolutionary Safety System
• Comfort-fleX mesh seat
• Padded armrest
• Adjustable padded shooting rail
• Self-lubricating nylon washers
• Powder-coated finish

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The first best two person ladder stand on our list is from the renowned brand X-stand. It’s a smart stand you could rely on to make all your hunting experience great.

The heavy-duty, steel construction offers you strong support and excellent durability. You can rest assured that you’ll stay safe and secure thanks to the included revolutionary Safety System.

The well- thought design makes it the most comfortable ladder tree stand. It comes with a padded seat, armrests, and seatback that will keep you comfortable while up in the air.

You can flip up and out the seat of its way for a more spacious platform. Of course, the platform is large enough and there is a foot rail for stretching your legs for added comfort.

The stand also includes a shooting rail which is padded and adjustable. You can also flip it back or detach it. Importantly,

The top feature of this double tree stand is the Stealth Silencers. Its self-lubricating nylon washers prevent metal to metal friction and thus offer a quiet hunting environment.

This best double ladder tree stand is famous for its stand height which measures 20 feet to shooting rails. It provides you an outstanding view to observe larger territories.

Ultimately, it’s one of the best 2 man ladder stand for bowhunting that works great for its purpose.


  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Large and roomy
  • Extremely quiet
  • Wide and heavy
  • Rust-proof


  • Heavy-weight
  • Expensive

#2. Muddy partner MTS400 – Most comfortable 2 man ladder tree stand

Most comfortable 2 man ladder tree stand

• HSX54 graphite construction
• Lightweight split EVA handle
• Flex-Tek Zero-Gravity seat
• Padded armrests
• Spacious platform
• Adjustable shooting rail
• Full-body safety harnesses

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The second product on our list is from another market leader Muddy. If you’re looking for a lightweight but sturdy, comfortable, and versatile stand, then Muddy Partner 2-Man is a good option for you.

Let’s check out the details of this muddy two person tree stand review to learn more.

First of all, the high-quality aluminum frame and HSX54 graphite construction make it both durable and secure. However, in spite of this heavy-duty construction, it’s lightweight. It’s super convenient to pack and set it up in the woods.

It comes with 500 pounds weight capacity. But most importantly, two full-body safety harness gives you and your buddy plenty of security while you’re on air up.

Additionally, you’ll find it comfortable, thanks to its large Flex-Tek Zero-Gravity seat, padded armrests, and spacious platform. You can also flip the seats and the rails back to create more space for bow hunting.

One of the top aspects of this heavy-duty two man ladder stand is you can swivel the stand 360 degrees that offer you a clear shooting lane in any direction. The adjustable shooting rail allows you to get it up to lower or higher with a hitch. So, get the right endpoint to harvest the animal.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Versatile design
  • Easy to set up


  • The non-cushioned seat isn’t comfortable for long hours of hunting
  • Even tall people may find the gun rest too high.

#3. Summit steel treestands – Best lightweight ladder stand

Best lightweight ladder stand

• New brown powder coat
• Full body fall arrest harness System
• Padded, removable gun rest
• Large platform
• Full backrest
• Thicker bench seat cushion

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Hunting is easier and safer with this Summit flexible steel frame ladder stand. If you’re looking for a convenient seating solution for hunting, then this ladder stand from popular brand Summit could be the choice for you.

It features an extra padding seat which will help you to sit comfortably for long periods. Moreover, the thicker bench design and backrest are exactly what you need for added support.

This stand also features a full-body harness system that will definitely minimize the risk of injury. The enclosed gun rail adds more security when standing and stability for shooting.

For bowhunting, the removable gunrail is a convenient feature. The gun rest is also adjustable for offering bench rest accuracy.

Even though the summit dual pro is a lightweight ladder tree stand, it’s amazingly sturdy. Moreover, the brown powder coat finish makes it extremely protective against nasty weather.

Finally, setting up the stand is easy. You can set it up with less pain and effort. And this bad boy comes with mounting hardware.

The only downside is it’s not the best ladder stand for big guys as the seat width may not be comfortable for them.


  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Spacious but lightweight
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Allow mobility
  • Rain and weather-proof


  • Seat width may not be comfortable for thick users.

#4. GTS sniper deluxe – Cheap 2 man ladder stands

Cheap 2 man ladder stands

• Steel construction
• Cushioned seat
• Two (2) safety harnesses
• Flip-up shooting rail
• Oversleeve ladder sections
• Adjustable support bar
• Enclosed front

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Here is an excellent but cheap two man ladder stand from GTS that strikes a great compromise between quality and affordability. It’s one of the best cheap 2 man ladder stands available.

In terms of fit, you’ll find the tree stand comfortable to use even after hours hunting. Thanks to the fully padded seat and foot platform. Although it doesn’t come with a backrest, the wraparound armrest will help you stay comfortable.

Additionally, there are two (2) safety harnesses to keep you and your partner safe while both of you are on the lookout.  There is an enclosed shooting rail that you can fold out on its way. It’s also a safety feature if you decide to stand on the platform and shoot.

Not that the straps that come with the product make it more stable and safer while ascending and descending via the attached ladder.

One of the downsides of this product is- it requires a tree at least 9 inches in circumference; otherwise, you can’t securely attach it.


  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable
  • Stable and secure
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Time-consuming to assemble completely
  • Doesn’t have a backrest
  • Not spacious for two persons

#5. Rivers edge 2 man – Best Ladder Stand for Bow Hunting

Best Ladder Stand for Bow Hunting

• Ergonomic, V-shaped design
• TearTuff mesh seats
• Larger platforms
• 19.9 feet tall for clear vision
• Full-body harness

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This is our last best 2 person ladder stand from River Edge. Basically, this product is specially designed for bow hunters. Thanks to its Well-thought, revolutionized technologies.

Let’s check out the details of this Rivers edge bowman ladder stand review to learn more.

The typical design makes the two hunters shooting in the same direction. But the V-shaped platform of Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand allows the hunters to sit against each other. As a result, they will have maximum concealment and get a clear view in all directions out of the hunting actions.

It also benefits from this unique design as long as the winding is considered. If you want to avoid the effect of wind at your target, this design will be a great help for your hunting.

One of the cool features of this model is it comes with a durable TearTuff mesh seat. This type of seat won’t create any noise which meshed seats do. Additionally, you can fold the seats right away if you need more space to stand on the platform comfortably and independently.

Importantly, the stand design is focused on safety. It comes with two ratchet straps, safety tie-off ropes, and a sturdy stabilizer bar to secure it firmly on the tree. Moreover, the impressive 19.9 feet height of the ladder ensures you’re safe from dangerous animals.


  • Silent, flexible and comfortable
  • Stable and secure
  • Durable construction
  • Provides maximum concealment
  • Great performance


  • No backrest
  • No bow or gun holder included
  • A bit heavy

Benefits Of Investing In Two Man Ladder Treestand

For hunting from an elevated position tree stand (some call it a deer stand) is a good option. Different types of tree stand you’ll find in the market. tripod hunting stand, hang on tree stands, or climbing tree stands- all are effective for hunting while remaining vigilant from an elevated position.

A basic hang-on tree stand or climbing tree stand allows for hanging it at any height above the ground as they don’t come with any included ladder. But the height of the stand is fixed due to the included ladder.

However, the advantage of a ladder stand is- there is no hassle of purchasing additional ladder/ stairs or components to attach to the tree to climb up. A ladder stand offers excellent support and stability than any basic tree stand.

But what are the benefits of two man ladder stand or 2 person tree stand?

Two-person Ladder stands are really beneficial to a hunter who likes to hunt with his/her hunting partner, relatives or friends. Firstly, it typically provides a larger room to accommodate two persons.

Secondly, if you have a husky body, a one-person ladder stand won’t be perfect for you. In this case, the double seat ladder stand offers more space husky person.

Additionally, the double stand lets the hunter store hunting gears. So, you can rest assured that you have every necessary hunting accessories within easy reach.

They also come with larger standing platforms/footrests that offer incredible levels of comfort. So, you and your partner can sit and wait for a long time comfortably.

Most Comfortable 2 Man Ladder Stand [How To Choose]

Take into consideration the following factors when deciding to buy the best two man ladder stands.

#Weight Limit

The most important criterion for choosing the best double stands is the weight limit. Check the weight capacity of the product.

#Safety Harness

Ladder stand hunting is fun and risky at the same time. There is a high chance to be injured if proper safety measures are not taken. To avoid unwanted accidents, don’t forget about ladder stand safety features. First, check the built quality of the product. While choosing a model, make sure it comes with a built-in safety system.

#Size-seat & Platform

Ladder stand size is also important to consider. We can’t assure that the larger the tree stand, the better it is. But the seat needs to be spacious to accommodate two persons comfortably. It should also be wide enough for both persons to move and have a little personal space

Moreover, there should be enough room for flexibility to shoot on your target. A roomy platform will provide the most comfort possible to stand and footrest.

#Seat Cushion

Take into account the comfort that the product has to offer. You may need to sit on the stand for a long time while waiting for a target. So, a padded or cushioned seat is a plus. Also, the backrest plays a significant role in comfort level for long hunting sessions.

#Shooting Rail

Shooting rail offers security and comfort. Furthermore, if you’re a gun hunter, a shooting rail is a convenient feature for gun rest. But for bowhunting, it’s a downside as it’ll limit your range of motion. So, select a model that comes with a removable or adjustable shooting rail.

#Ladder stand weight and portability

A good model should be stable and lightweight. If you frequently need to transport it from your home to the woods, look for a lightweight model. It’ll help you to carry it without hassle. For a permanent hunting spot, you can overlook this factor.

#Ladder Height

The stand height needs to be tall enough to have a clear view of the surroundings. It’ll be also important to save you from dangerous animals. A standard ladder height is 20feet from the ground.

Faq’s About Best 2 Man Ladder Stand

#1. Is there any ideal height to hang a ladder/ tree stand?

The hanging height of a tree stand is debated among the bow hunters. Firstly, it depends on the hunter’s comfort level with height. Secondly, you should also consider the terrain and cover you’re hunting.

The average height for hanging a treestand for bowhunting is between 17 to 20 feet up the tree. If you hunt out in an open field, 15feet high is enough. But if you hunt off down in a holler or a steep hillside, an 18 to 20 ft 2 man ladder stand is better for the situation.

#2. What things do i need to consider when placing a ladder stand or the best deer stands?

First, consider the direction of travel of the deer and look for trees in an area downwind of where the deer may approach.

Second, find a good-sized tree. Choose a tree at least 3/ 4 as wide as your shoulders.

Third, choose the tree for hanging the stand that is in the position of other trees. It’ll provide you some cover behind the tree.

Finally, pay attention to the path of the sun before setting your stand. For hunting in the early morning, position the stand so that the rising sun is at your back.

#3. Can I leave a ladder/ tree stand in place for a long period?

You can. But first, consider the frame of the stand is designed to withstand weathering and resist rust. It’s also essential to consider the padding and fabric of the seat, shooting rail, backrest, and armrest whether these are designed to stand the test of time.

#4. What should be the load capacity of a double ladder/ tree stand?

For a 2 man tree stand the safest load capacity is around 500 pounds. Know your and your partner’s weight. Also, consider the weight of the gear you plan to take.

All the reviewed ladder stands are best in their classes. In terms of quality, design, features, and price, these are the popular choices on the market today. If you’re a hunting lover and looking for purchasing the best 2 man ladder stand, we hope, you’ve found this article helpful.

To boost your hunting experience, you should invest in one.

Have a Good Day!

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