How To Make An Attic Ladder Insulation Box?

The attic of your house needs to be insulated to capture the temperature, especially in the wintertime. But the maximum house comes with an attic ladder with a poor insulation box. To make an attic ladder insulation box, you have to install the right attic ladder, because the access of the chair may cause a major heat loss.

If you check closely, you will see that thin plywood is trying hard to keep the hot air stay in the house. Don’t worry, from this article; you will know to make a proper insulation box for your attic ladder.

Why you need an attic ladder insulation box?

The attic ladder needs an insulation box to save energy and keep the home warm and comfortable during winter times. With properly separated attic stairs, the attic will not get any moisture problems. Every house lost its energy as it uses cold or hot indoor air, and if there is no insulation in the attic ladder, then your home will lose all energy. Your attic ladder needs an insulation box to preserve all the house energy to stay warm in cold winter and cool in the hot summertime.

Making attic ladder insulation box

It is easy to make an attic ladder insulation box all by yourself. You will not have to invest a lot while making the insulation box. Here are the steps of creating an insulation box for your attic ladder.

Things you will need –

  • A foam
  • Tape
  • Caulk

The steps of making the insulation box:

Step-1: Measure the attic ladder opening. If your attic ladder is drop-down, then you have to close the opening fully and then take the measurement.

Step-2: Now take the foam and cut in four lengths in the shape of a box. Make sure it fits the opening of the attic chair. If the attic opening is made from thin plywood, then you will need a thick foam to build strong support.

Step-3: Use the tape to attach the four foam corners and make it in a box shape. Make sure the box is taped firmly. Use lots of foil tape in the box corner. The foil will work as a heat reflector at home. 

Step-4: Take the caulk to seal the insulation box from inside. Take a knife to spread the caulk evenly on the insulation box surface. After applying caulk inside the box, use caulk on the top and long sides of the box. 

Step-5: After making the box, you have to make a lid for the box. Take the foam and cut it as a lid for the box. Fasten the lid on the box top and apply the caulk in the lid sides.

Step-6: Make sure to clear the opening area of the attic before attaching the insulation box. Because the debris and dirt make the seal weaken. And also, keep the area dry as the moistened area is not suitable for seal.

Step-7: After washing and dehydrating the attic stair opening, attach the insulation box. Cover the insulation box with foil tape around the box and attic openings. You can also use caulk on the tape to make the seal stronger.

You are done with making an insulation box on your own if you don’t have time to make the box, then look for the attic ladder that comes with a cover and install it in your attic.

If you live in an area where cold or heat hampers your lifestyle, then you need to install an attic ladder with an insulation box. The attic of the house controls the temperature of the house. But it has a ladder; then, you have to know how to make an attic ladder insulation box to keep the indoor temperature comfortable.

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