How to Paint a Bathroom Ceiling?

Painting is seeming to be a fun task, but you will get to reality when you are doing painting, especially the bathroom ceiling. As the bathroom stays wet, steamy, and stinky, the wall and the ceiling get damaged. Sometimes for fungus and mold, the old paint coatings get stained.

Peeling paint is also a common issue with bathroom ceilings. So, when you are going to paint the bathroom ceiling, go for water-resistant, mold-resistant, and durable paint. To get a new and fresh bathroom ceiling, prepare your working tools, and choose the perfect color.

What type of ladder do you need to paint a bathroom ceiling?

A ladder with a double side and space is recommended to use while painting your bathroom ceiling. With the double side size, balance is easy, and with space, you can keep your painting tools and container easily to enjoy a free hand service.

Why use ventilation in your bathroom

As I told before, mildew and mold are the worst nightmares of a homeowner, especially in the bathroom. It makes the environment pretty gross. To stop these little organisms from growing in your bathroom ceiling, use a bathroom exhaust fan. Though the fan is noisy, the fan controls the odor and clears out the humid air. For the fan, you will not have to deal with mold and mildew in the ceiling for sure.

Steps Of Painting The Bathroom Ceiling

One important thing before painting, please do check the year of your house build. If it is before 1979, then there is a high chance of using lead-based paint. For this, you have to consult with a professional painter to stay safe.

There are some ways to paint the ceiling perfectly. Here are the painting steps below to get a great finish:

  • Remove all kinds of lights, fixtures, and heat lamps from the ceiling.
  • Use a scraper to scrape off flaking paints.
  • Patch the holes with a hand sander
  • To get a clean surface, re-sand the holes. It is important to get a good surface.
  • If your ceiling is stained for smoke or mold, use a solution made with sugar and soap to wash the roof. Soak up the excess moisture with a dry cloth. After then apply a good stain blocker to prevent stains.
  • As paints come with a mixture of prime, then you will not need extra prime to use. If your ceiling is over stained, then you may need one. In that case, apply a high in quality and compatible with paint prime in your bathroom ceiling.
  • Pick the mold resistant paint for the bathroom ceiling. Semigloss paint is good to protect from moisture and humidity, and it is washable and durable. Use a paint tray and paint roller while applying the paint. At first, take a small paintbrush to paint around the lights, cornices, fans, and ceiling roses.
  • If your paint is a light color, apply two coats, and if the color is dark, then use four layers.

If you want to do the painting work fast with excellent results, then I will recommend Graco Magnum X7 , a fast and cost-efficient paint sprayer. With this airless sprayer, you can paint the ceilings in no time. Just use a mask while doing the painting.

Painting a bathroom ceiling is not an easy task, but if you do it with proper tools and paint, then it will be a fun task. Just make sure you are doing it perfectly with proper techniques. Make sure to use the right paint because you can’t to do the painting work again and again. And take proper safety precautions while working cause any time anything can happen.

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