How To Set Up A Ladder Tree Stand?

Setting up a ladder stand can be quite a hectic and tiresome task, more so when the stand is above 15 feet tall. It requires a lot of safety measures as well as energy for the task at hand. The following are the various ways in which you can easily set up a ladder stand.

  • Using a 3-foot piece of rebar that is about 4 to 6 inches wide, bend it into a U shape, the end result after bending it should be wide narrow and long.
  • In order to raise your ladder stand, ensure that there are no barriers that next to or between the ladder and the tree if there is any barrier, it should be gotten rid of first. Afterwards, raise the ladder stand while it is facing down, the feet should be approximately 60 inches from the base of the tree. Then use a hammer to stick down the bottom rung using the U shaped stake that was made before.
  • After that, you can decide to immediately raise the ladder without including the bottom sliding, but it more advised to secure both sides of the ladder by tieing a rope on each side, approximately a third of the towards the bottom of the seat.The length of the ropes is about the length of the ladder.The main use of the ropes is to secure the top of the ladder to the tree before you start to attach the seat on to the tree.
  • After the temporary ropes are tied to the ladder, slowly raise the stand and move it up until the seat is against the tree.The work of the stake is to act as-as an extra set of hands, it allows the bottom rung to be able to rotate and not slide.The stake is ideal when setting up a ladder tree stand by your own, this increases the efficiency of the work and makes it a lot easier.
  • If your ladder stand is equipped with leg braces, you can mount them at this point so as to secure the stands and afterward remove the stake.
  • At this point, you can partially climb up the tree trunk then criss-cross the two ropes around the tree and pull them as high as possible and then make a tie to secure the ladder.
  • Finally, now that the ladder is secure for you to be able to climb onto it safely to the top, you can gently make your way to the top using the ladder and fix the seat of the ladder onto the tree. At this point, your ladder stand is ready to be used and safe.You can now add the accessories that you will need for the hunting process.

What Is A ladder Stand?

A ladder stand is an open tool or surrounded that is mainly used as a platform for hunting. It is also known as a tree or a deer stand. The hunters prefer an elevated ladder stand since it helps in giving a much better vantage point. One of the most common animals that are hunted on a tree stand is known as the Whitetail deer although, even other animals can’t be hunted using a tree stand.

The ladder stand is secured onto a tree or trees to enhance the safety as well as the stability of the ladder. A ladder stand is equipped with a ladder to climb with to the top as well as a platform and seat where one sits during the hunting activity.

Since the ladder stand is held onto a tree and is secure, it can be able to hold up to two people at once. due to their size, ladder stands cannot be moved from one place to another, hence permanent. Ladder stands can either be homemade or be bought from the stores.

Accessories For Ladder Stands

Hunters can use the following types of equipment for a better hunting experience as well as for safety measures:

  • Shooting Rests
  • Seat pads
  • Rope
  • A camouflage tape to cover the stand from being noticed
  • An umbrella that will protect the hunter from rain
  • Bow holders
  • Blinds to be used around the stand

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