How To Set Up An Extension Ladder?

An extension ladder is an equipment that has two or more sections that are joined using a slide feature and therefore allows the ladder to be extended to its total length. Setting an extension ladder correctly ensures that there is stable footing as well as a strong top while using it. Here are the steps followed while setting up an extension ladder.

  • The first step is to set the ladder at a correct angle, this is done by standing straight and extending your arms, ensure that your palm reaches the rung of the ladder. Using methods like scaffolding will help make sure that the ladder is at an accurate angle.
  • Secure the feet by fixing a cleat, using a 2 by 4 cleat secure the ladder’s feet by installing the cleat to avoid the ladder from sliding backward.
  • Ensure that the top of the ladder is secured, this is done by adding a ladder stabilizer, this is a ladder accessory that is added at the top of the ladder in order to give extra stability to the ladder. Make sure that you follow the instructions for the installation of stabilizers carefully.
  • For more security, tie the top of the ladder onto a reusable anchor rig. Use a rope to secure the ladder.
  • Ensure that the base where the ladder is set is even. This can be done by digging the uneven ground and leveling the ground to avoid the ladder from sliding while in use.

In conclusion, ladder stands are of great importance to the hunters, this is because the ladders minimize movement and therefore increase their chances of hunting the animals. Hunting from a higher distance helps the hunter see the terrain and enables the hunter to aim directly at the targeted animal.

The ladder stands can not only be used by hunters but also birdwatchers as well as nature photographers. The most important feature of a ladder stand is the safety it gives while in use.It is recommended that the user should use tools like a body harness for safety measures.

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