How To Use A Brad Nailer With 6 Effective Steps?

Most home improvement projects require the application of a brad nailer or a nail gun. This DIY kit secures 18-gauge brad nails into a wooden material. Unlike typical hammering, the use of a brad mailer is by far more convenient, faster, and less messy. From fastening furniture pieces together to basic carpentry jobs, brad nailers come in handy. This is a step by step guide on how to use a brad nailer.

6 Definitive Step By Step Guide

Step #1: Choosing the right hose adaptor

A hose adaptor is necessary when using a pneumatic brad nailer and it is important that the two fit perfectly. Another important accessory that’s fundamental is the Teflon tape whose job is to keep a tight connection between the brad nailer and the hose.

Step #2: Teflon tape to bind the connector

The adaptor must be secured tightly to the machine. For better results, an adjustable wrench should be used so that there is not a chance for air leakage.

Step #3: Lubricating the system

A nail gun consists of an air piston which requires lubrication to reduce friction. Several drops of pneumatic tool oil are applied to the adaptor to lubricate it. Then, the excess oil needs to be cleaned up with a tack cloth.

Step #4: Loading the device

The type of brad nailer determines the number of nails used to load the machine. The nails should be sufficient for the project at hand.

Step #5: Introducing the air compressor

It is important that the air compressor pressurizes first before it is applied to the system. It is then joined to both the hose and the nail gun; the ends should be secured tightly. The adjustable wrench once again will play a good role to ensure that the connections are tight.

Step #6: Testing

The machine should be tested on a wood piece. The handle is held and placed in the right position and nothing should disrupt the process. The correct position of the tip of the device is 90⁰ to the wood surface. The trigger is then pulled and the brad nail sinks into the wood. If this works, then the actual project may start. Care must be taken because a lot of pneumatic force is produced when blasting the nails in.

Tips For Effective Application Of A Brad Nailer

#Power supply

Choosing the right brad nailer for the right project saves a lot of problems later on. A pneumatic nail gun is most suitable where air compressor is readily available while a battery-powered device is ideal for working in different job sites.

#Safety comes first

The powerful device applies nails to a material with such a speed that can cause tremendous injury. The user must wear protective gear to stay safe when using the nail gun


Working backward to correct a blunder is a waste of time. Before the project begins, there are several things that must be counterchecked: air pressure of the compressor, depth of the nail, and the wood must be marked with a pencil. Every clutter must be eliminated to avoid disruptions.

Different woods have different splitting tendencies. The use of a nail gun requires some experience in this aspect. This post is for those who want to perfect using a brad nailer.

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