How to Use a Stapler?

The need to have documents and office projects arranged in an orderly manner led to the invention of one of the world’s most significant appliances – A Stapler. Imagine heading out for an official meeting with documents stuffed in your hands, about to make a presentation you step forward and start searching for the needed materials but can’t seem to find them orderly.

You can prevent this by making use of the stapler to bind the documents together. Now, you’ve decided to use a stapler but can’t seem to understand how it works. We’ll guide you on how you can utilize it!

How To Use Stapler?

It’s essential to understand how to use a Stapler to prevent the destruction of documents. Whether it’s a manually operated or an electric stapler, we’ll explain how you can use it.

#Using a Manual Stapler:

  • Open then Stapler: The first step is to open the stapler. We have top load staplers and backload staplers. When opening top load staplers, grip the base of the Stapler until it lifts open and the staple tray comes out. For backload staplers, there is usually a button at the back when you push it gently, the staple tray would come out slightly, and you might have to pull it out entirely.
  • Load the Stapler: Now that you’ve successfully opened the stapler, you’d have to load the trays with staples. Place the recommended staples into the stapler tray. Take note that different staplers have their recommended staples; this is to prevent the stapler from getting jammed.
  • Gather the Paper: You must arrange the papers to be tacked orderly, this is to prevent any superseding the other. When orderly gathered, place the documents at the anvil.
  • Press down Firmly: Instantly, press down the Stapler as firmly and quickly as possible and then let go of the stapler’s top when down.
  • Check the work: Take a look at the stapled papers to check if it met your requirements, if it’s bent or if you did arrange it well, you can unbend the leg of the staple to remove staples and try stapling till you it’s correctly done.

#Using an Electric Stapler:

An electric stapler works similarly to the manual stapler although there are little tricks to it. The following are steps on how to use it:

  • Make sure that you connect the stapler to a power source. Then push the button at the back to display the first load magazine.
  • Check for staples at the staple tray. If empty, load the plate with handy chisel staples.
  • Arrange the papers by resting them against the wall to get a uniform arrangement.
  • Now, you can allow the stapler to bind the papers. It’s advisable to place the documents at 45-degree angle.

Different Techniques For Using The Stapler

 There are various techniques when utilizing the stapler; it’s essential to know which suits the job. They include;

  • Permanent Fastening: This is a way of holding the paper together permanently through the use of the Stapler which binds the documents. When you press down the stapler, the staple jabs through the article and out, there’s an anvil which then bends the staple inwardly to hold it permanently.
  • Pinning: This is a temporary way of binding the papers together, here when the staple goes the documents instead of bending inwardly at the anvil, it turns outwardly. Although some stapler would bend one pin inward and the other outward, this enables the staple to be easily removed when needed.
  • Tacking: This involves fastening or binding documents to a flat surface. Here, the Stapler is placed directly against the surface, which could be a wall, tabletops, bulletin etc. When you’ve set it, you’ll have to press down the stapler. Instead of the anvil being used to fold the staples, it works directly.
  • Saddle stapling: These staplers have an inverted V-shaped. You can use it for stapling pre-folded materials.
  • Stapleless Stapling: This is a means of stapling in which you do not use the traditional metallic pins. Instead of the metallic staples, a  small flap of paper punches through it.

It’s noteworthy to add that the stapler might get jammed while you’re using it, the might be because you are using the wrong recommended staples or the staples might get stuck. Do not panic as you can quickly resolve this. To do this, you can:

  • When there’s a stray staple attached to the magazine and refusing to detach, place a paper clip between both sections and slide till it unjams.
  • When the staple is stuck between the base and the magazine, you can also use the paper clip do bring out the staple which is blocked.

Unorganized documents are now a thing of the past, thanks to Stapler, and I hope you find it very easy and comfortable to use!!!

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