How To Use An Extension Ladder?

Using an extension ladder may look obvious, though it requires safety measures as well as being careful while using it even though they are not complicated equipment. Many people are injured annually due to accidents caused by ladders. Most of these accidents occur at home as compared to construction site accidents.

The following are different ways of being safe and using an extension ladder correctly.

  • Be well acquainted with the various parts of an extension ladder

A ladder has various parts that you should know their uses. The part known as the fly is the section that is extended upwards, this is the part where you climb when you get to the top. Some extension ladders have the two-part fly, together with the primary ladder, they become three constituents in total.

The foot of the ladder, also known as the safety shoe contains pads that are built in such a way that they can be attached to the ground when using the ladder. The ladder pads can rotate a little bit for better contact with the ground.

Familiarize with the base part of the ladder starting from the rung, this ensures that the ladder is in place.

There is also a rung lock that is connected to the fly that is used to make sure that the fly is in place by attaching it over the top of the rung. This ensures that the fly will not slide when there is weight added to it.

A rope and also a pulley are components of large extension ladders, they are used for extending the ladder further. The small ladders do not have the rope and pulley.

  • Know the capability of the ladder that you are using

Different ladders have different capabilities of the amount of weight they can hold. It is recommended that you get to know how much weight your ladder can hold before using it. Once you know the limit it can hold, ensure that you do not surpass it.

  • You should examine the ladder before using it

Ensure that the various parts of the ladder are not damaged. A damaged rung, pulley or even a rung rock could make the extension ladder unsuitable for use since it might cause very dangerous accidents while in use.

  • Set the extension ladder correctly

Setting the ladder extension at a very steep height might lead to it sliding as well as slanting the ladders too much is not recommended. The ladder should be laid at 75 degrees from the ground for better stability.

  • Do not climb from the back of the ladder

It is advised that when using a ladder you should climb from the front area to avoid accidents. Using the back of the ladder is allowed if only the extension ladder is a two wat step ladder.

  • Remove all the tools at the top

When you are moving the ladder, ensure that you remove all the tools at the top of the ladder for example hammers, to avoid them from falling on your head.

# Do not sit or stand at the topmost step of the ladders, it is recommended by extension ladder manufacturers that you should never step above the third highest step of the ladder.

# When using a ladder, ensure that the ground is flat and the ladder will be stable when placed onto it. Avoid setting up your ladder on snow-covered areas, mud, or wet surfaces.

# For more safety, while using an extension ladder, you can use a tool belt that holds all your tools so that your hands can be free when you are climbing towards the top for a much better grip.

# Stay at the center of the ladders.

This is to make sure the ladder is stable and keep it vertical while using it. Since the ladders use the laws of physics, staying at the center ensures that the ladder doesn’t tumble down.

In conclusion, using an extension ladder wrongly is one of the easiest ways you can injure yourself while working at home. It is therefore recommended that you take all the safety measures while setting up and using an extension ladder to avoid all the unnecessary accidents that may occur. Extension ladders are not complex to use, it is only the users who use them more carelessly and do not take precautions before setting them up.

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