Wagner Flexio 570 Review: Why You Should Love It?

If you think that it’s impossible to buy a good paint sprayer at a cheap price, then Wagner Flexio 570 will prove this concept wrong.

Flexio Wagner 570 is a versatile yet affordable paint sprayer for your small indoor or outdoor painting projects. Just as you’d expect, this paint gun is designed to give you flexible painting results and comfortable working experience. And it can make all the difference when it comes to cost-effectively accomplishing small projects.

In this Wagner Flexio 570 Review, we’re going to take a closer look at the features & benefits, advantages, and drawbacks of this paint sprayer. As a result, you’ll have a better idea about this product.

So without delay, let’s go.

Wagner Flexio 570 Review

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Wagner Flexio 570 Paint Sprayer Review – Overview

HVLP 570 is an innovative model from the Wagner Flexio paint sprayer series. It’s low-priced but good paint gun for do-it-yourselfers.

It’s one of the top-notch sprayers that offers a comfortable spraying experience. Equipped with innovative technologies, this sprayer delivers an outstanding spraying performance.

This Flexio sprayer is well-built and comes with a robust exterior that makes it durable. Moreover, the easy to clean system makes it easier to work with.

Full Specifications

Paint Spray Rate7.2 gallons per hour
Power sourceCorded Electric
Coverage in one fill8 ft. by 10 ft. surface in 2 to 6 minutes
Reservoir bottles capacity1.5 pint
Gun designLock-N-Go Split Gun
Speed vs. brush8X
Dimension (D x W x H)15 x 6 x 11inch

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Who’s It Best For?

Beginners, homeowners, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who’re on a tight budget, still looking for a standard paint sprayer for their home-based small projects will love this sprayer.

What Is It Good For?

Flexio 570 paint gun works best with an array of paints including latex, sealers, urethanes, stains, polyurethane and oil-based materials. Additionally, it can spray thick paint without clogging at high pressure.

This handheld HVLP sprayer offers enough flexibility for small indoor and outdoor painting projects. It’s an excellent sprayer for minor touchups and finishing and small projects such as painting a door. For painting ceilings, walls, fences, and exterior siding, you can also use this sprayer.

It can be even useful to reach and paint edges, corners and hard to reach places effortlessly.

The Features and Benefits

Wagner Flexio 570 Review

In the next section of this Wagner paint sprayer review, we’re going to dig into the key features and benefits that this unit offers.

Flexio HVLP 570 has attractive features regarding performance, versatility, functionality and usability. It’s wise to learn about all its features before making the buying decision.

  • X-boost turbine

One of the noticeable features of this model is the X-Boost turbine’s power. In fact, this unit is three times more powerful as compared to conventional paint sprayers. Of course, it produces unmatched power to spray unthinned paints and stains.

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  • iSpray nozzle

Another key aspect of this sprayer is its innovative iSpray nozzle. It provides fast coverage with a professional finish. Additionally, you can adjust the pattern narrow or wide and vertical or horizontal to adapt to your varying needs. Despite using the sprayer at several angles, it won’t fail to deliver at a constant level.

  • 2 paint flow speed settings

It has two settings to adjust to various project needs. Only by rotating the nozzle you can adjust the patterns with consistent coverage and low overspray.

  • Lock-n-Go system

This HVLP paint sprayer is outfitted with the Lock-n-Go technology. It makes changing the accessories and color a cinch. You can clean the sprayer easily without any fuss.

If your sprayer puts out large droplets, power up and paint flow down to overcome spitting. It’s also recommended to stand 6 to 10-inch away from the object being painted for the best coverage.

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Pros At A Glance

  • Well-built and durable
  • Capable of spraying a range of materials
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Quick and easy spraying
  • Better control over the materials
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Reliable performance
  • Straightforward cleaning and maintenance
  • Affordable price

Cons At A Glance

  • Prone to clogging and overspray
  • Not ideal for big projects and detailed finish work

What We Liked

  • Reliable and fast Spray

Flexio sprayer 570 is quite reliable and offer fast coverage on household projects. The spraying results are impressive.  It can spray an 8 ft. x 10 ft. area in 2 to 6 minutes with a spray capacity up to 7.2 gal. per hour.  Comparing to rollers and brush, this model is 8X faster. Hence you can accomplish more areas in less measure of time. Besides, the oval-shape opening of the nozzle covers 30% more surface than any traditional sprayers and it does it without any drips.

  • Easy and fast clean up with less mess

Like most Flexio paint sprayers, clogging is a common issue with this model. But don’t worry about Wagner Flexio 570 cleaning process. This easy-to-clean spray gun makes things simpler with a few removable Flexio 570 parts. Cleaning this unit is faster than a roller and brush and even any airless sprayer. Thanks to the Lock-n-Go system that lets you clean the sprayer with less mess.

  • Material Flow Control

The sprayer lets you control the amount and flow of materials.  The knob on the trigger helps to adjust the flow rate for spraying speed. Indeed, it’s an excellent feature for painting small, intricate areas like corners, edges and figures. Likewise, you’ll be able to minimize the overspray with this feature.

  • 20% Lightweight

Lightweight design of a sprayer is essential when you’re doing a big job to prevent fatigue. Fortunately, when it comes to user-comfort, you should appreciate the light weight of this model. In fact, you can use this sprayer for an extended period and certainly you won’t feel it too heavy even when it’s about full of paint.

  • Ergonomic handle grip

Users experience less fatigue while using it for a long time. The ergonomic design long handle offers a sure grip, making it easy and comfortable to complete projects like a pro.

  • 50% quieter

It’s not always easy to find a quieter paint sprayer. But the Flexio HVLP 570 paint sprayer manages to accomplish your painting task without much noise. In fact, it’s 50% quieter which is always an issue with paint spray system. Note that the sprayer is no louder than a hairdryer.

  • Built to last

Built-quality and durability is an issue with any paint gun. But this sprayer seems to last for a long time and give you great value for money overall. The nozzle has especially been constructed with no-wearable parts. That means it’ll increase the tool’s lifespan.

  • Affordable Price

This paint gun is going to be more affordable than any other Wagner Flexio paint sprayers making it a good option for budget-conscious buyers.

If you remove the paint container before it’s empty, the paint may spill down inside the sprayer. So, relieve the pressure before removing the container as it’s under pressure and may spew paint out.

What We Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, this sprayer has some downsides that you may not like. However, these are relatively common for a sprayer at this price range.

  • Not perfect for bigger projects

This sprayer is certainly an excellent product for finishing and minor touchups. But for bigger projects like painting the exterior of a house, it’s not the right one at all. Also, you can’t work on the project that requires a fine finish as this model doesn’t come with fine finish nozzle.

  • Smaller cup

Refilling the cup during your painting project is a big hassle and it interrupts paintings. This model could be better if it comes with a bigger paint reservoir.

  • Prone to clogging

Although Wagner claims that it won’t clog, frequent clogging seems to be an issue with this model. We’ve noticed that this unit is prone to clogging. However, if you assemble it correctly and be careful while painting, you may reduce this problem.

  • Prone to overspray

Wagner Spraytech Flexio 570 paint sprayer is really faster but this feature makes it prone to overspray. If you’re painting a living-or dining room where you want to keep the paint contained, it’ll be a big issue. But for spraying any unfinished basement or other surfaces where a little overspray is acceptable, this occurrence isn’t a problem.

For doing some woodwork, you’ll require finer atomization. We recommend using detail finish nozzle that comes with the Wagner Flexio 590 for that purpose.

General User Experience

Let’s have a look at what customers have to say about this sprayer. When it comes to user reviews, this sprayer gains mixed feedback.

On the positive side, users firstly appreciate its spray-rate. They mentioned that they have completed their home DIY painting projects in less time they’d have required to do with rollers and brushes.

Secondly, they like the lightweight design along with its ergonomic handle. Users also impress with its quieter operation.

On the negative side, people were not happy with its clogging and overspray issues.

However, in spite of these downsides, the majority of the users were satisfied with its quick and consistent performance, functionality, adjustability of the spraying patterns and quality of Flexio Wagner 570 that they expect from a sprayer at this price.

So, we can say the overall user experience is satisfactory.

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FAQ’s about 570 paint sprayer

Is it corded or cordless?

It’s corded-electric and runs on 115volt electricity. It comes with a power cord that requires to be plugged in while using.

Can this model spray epoxy paint and flex seal?

No, it’s not the right product for epoxy and Flex seal. These are too thick to go through the sprayer.

Do I need a compressor to use with this?

No. It’s a self-contained all-in-one sprayer that works wonderfully.

Is this model suitable to paint cabinet?

The nozzle that comes with this model provides slightly stippled or a roller-like finish. For fine finish tasks such as spraying furniture, cabinets, doors, trims etc. you have to purchase the Wagner detail finish nozzle separately. Note that, based on the materials you may need to thin the paint for using with Detail finish nozzle.

If you’re looking for a versatile, functional, durable yet affordable paint sprayer for your small indoor or outdoor painting projects, then investing in Wagner Spraytech 570 Flexio will be a smart move.

All in all, the features and performance of this model is quite satisfactory for handling any home-painting project. If fine finishing isn’t a concern for your painting task, then certainly this model is right for you.

Bring your small painting task to the next level with this Flexio paint sprayer 570.

Good luck with your future painting projects.

Thanks for reading our Wagner Flexio 570 review!

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