Wagner Flexio 590 Review: Why it best?

Wagner Flexio 590 is one of the best consumer-grade sprayers made for those who want mobility in their painting tasks. It’s a complete handheld paint sprayer kit for both indoor and outdoor use.

For its flexibility, functionality, design, performance, and power, it’s a popular choice among homeowners for a variety of home-painting and fine finishing projects.

Importantly, this handheld HVLP sprayer is designed both for bigger projects requiring a speedier unthinned spray painting and small projects with fine finish requirements.

Read on our comprehensive and honest Wagner Flexio 590 review to find out what exactly this sprayer offers and how functional it is.

Let’s begin.

Wagner Flexio 590 Review

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Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer Review – Overview

Wagner flexio 590 hvlp handheld paint sprayer kit is one of the best portable painting sprayer solutions. It stands out for its better performance than many of the competitors in its class.

Although it looks like a conventional paint sprayer, it offers a few unique features. The patented, advanced technology makes this sprayer more functional and versatile.

This unit has an excellent quality-to-price ratio. It allows you to control its paint flow and spray pattern. This adjustable control provides you a professional kind of result.

Additionally, the coverage, the power to spray unthinned coatings, and the low overspray features of this unit make any painting project easier.

Full Specifications-

Paint Spray Rate8.0 gallons per hour
Power sourceCorded Electric
Coverage area8’ x 10’ within 1 to 5 minutes
Reservoir bottles capacity1.5 qt and 20 fl oz
Gun designLock-N-Go Split Gun
Dimension (D x W x H)15.9 x 6.7 x 13.9 inch
Product Weight (lb.)2.11

Who’s It Best For?

This model offers professional painting results. But you don’t need to be trained or experienced to use this sprayer. Overall, DIYers, homeowners, and professionals alike all love this sprayer.

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What Is It Good For?

This model works best on oil-based primers/ paints, chalk or milk paint, unthinned latex, lacquers, wood sealers, and a variety of stains. To repeat, it can accomplish a good paint job for any small indoor or outdoor and fine finishing painting projects.

Some unique features make this model great for areas like:

  • Interior walls
  • Exterior surfaces & sidings
  • Fine finishing
  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Ceilings
  • Deck jobs
  • Fences
  • Trim work and more

The Features and Benefits

The next section of our Wagner paint sprayer review covers the features that this specific model comes with.

This little unit offers some unique features that you should learn before making the buying decision.

Some mentionable features of this unit include:

  • X-boost turbine

This feature will bring your painting task to the next level. The variable speed of X boost power dial lets you adjust the air pressure and delivers power to spray unthinned materials. The adjustable air pressure enables you to get the exact finish you want. 

  • Two front end nozzles with different pattern width

This sprayer comes with two nozzles to meet the needs of any project. The iSpray nozzles will make your larger painting jobs such as coating larger surfaces easier. On the other hand, a detailed finish nozzle is ideal for fine finishing, smaller areas, edges, and corners.

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Never trigger the sprayer gun while you’re making adjustments.

  • 10 paint flow speed settings

This HVLP sprayer offers 10 adjustable paint flow settings. By rotating the nozzle, you can achieve your desired width of arc and the patterns. Thus, you can easily adjust the flow and achieve precise control. Note that, pattern adjustment can be narrow or wide and vertical or horizontal.

The X-Boost Power Dial is set to maximum by default. Fine-tune the rotating cap before starting a big project or wall. And test it before painting.


  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Hassle-less to maintain and clean
  • Offers professional results
  • Best for edged, broad, and corner surfaces
  • Unmatched spraying power
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Reliable and trusted by the customers
  • Reasonable price


  • Complicated reservoir screwing system
  • You may need some patience and practice for mastering the right spray pattern.

What We Liked?

  • Easy to assemble and use
wagner flexio 590 paint sprayer

Just as you’d expect, this particular paint sprayer is easy- to- assemble and easy to use. This specially designed sprayer includes three parts that are easy to put together as long as you follow the manual. The use of this sprayer is also quite simple. The Lock-n-Go split gun ensures changing the nozzles is always easy. As a side note, you can start using it as soon as you unpack it.

  • No limitation when it comes to viscosity

YES, you’ve heard right. The patented technologies that inaugurate this model provide the required power and versatility to spray any paint on any surface. It allows you to spray denser paint such as latex easily. Additionally, it offers good and faster coverage and a smoother and professional look finish on wide surfaces, especially with thicker materials. You must like various adjustments such as arc width, patterns, and more.

To get a smooth finish, first, use the details nozzle with the thinned latex paint. Ultimately, you can add a flow agent to help it level. Second, lay the project down and spray it down onto it. Third, power up high and paint flow down low. Then, apply a coat with each pass from 6-inch away.

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  • Nozzle versatility

 The nozzle versatility makes this particular unit different from others. The versatility and flexibility of the nozzles are just a fraction of the benefits that this bad boy offers. It’ll give you the power to tackle any painting project- small, large or fine finishing project. We like the material flow control of this sprayer. You can determine the amount of paint you want to push through the nozzle by the controlling knob on the cap.

  • Quick and easy clean up, easy to store

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this sprayer is easy to clean thanks to the reservoir design. Importantly, you should refer to the user manual for cleaning it. However, it’s best to use the appropriate solution for every type of paint to washing the reservoir to keep it in the best possible condition. It’s also worth noting that it comes with a protective carrying case to store the sprayer neatly.

Do not get the electronic parts of this sprayer wet. Unplug the sprayer from the power outlet before cleaning it.

  • Smaller but more powerful

Flexio HVLP sprayer 590 is 50% more powerful than any conventional sprayer. It’s also worth noting that this one can spray up to 8 gallons per hour and cover 8 ft. x 10 ft. areas in 1 to 5 minutes. The 1-1/2 quart cup capacity can cover up to 125 sq. ft. in one fill. Hence, you can paint big surfaces or ceilings with this HVLP sprayer without worrying about the shortage of paint.

  • Faster but lighter

A key feature of this unit is the X- Boost turbine that makes it three times faster than traditional handheld sprayers in the market and 8 times faster than a brush. Additionally, it’s lighter than any airless paint sprayer and it’s almost 20% lighter than other sprayers of its class. To repeat, this one can handle a larger project. And due to its lightweight and ergonomic handle design, you won’t feel fatigue.

What We Didn’t Like?

Each product has some drawbacks. And this paint sprayer is no different. Let’s see the downsides of this product.

  • The complex reservoir screwing system

First-time users may feel difficulties in the unscrewing system of the reservoir. However, users are advised to read the manual before screwing off the container.

  • Short power cord

The power cord that comes with the sprayer is somewhat short. That means you may require using an extension cord. However, it’s not a major downside, but it may be annoying to some users.

General User Experience

So, what do the users of this handheld sprayer have to say?

In regards to the user reviews, the FLEXiO 590 gained 70% positive feedback. That means it’s not only reliable but also trusted by customers.

In fact, it currently holds an average score based on over 733 customer reviews at the time of writing, where over 46% of all reviewers giving it a full 5-star score. Most of the users like this sprayer for its versatility, flexibility, spraying speed, and of course, PRICE. Although we’ve found some negative reviews, it’s still a popular handheld unit in this price range.

Set-Up Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer

As mentioned earlier, the setting up of this unit is simple. It involves some easy steps. These are:

  • Read the Manual- It’s the most important thing you should do before start assembling. It’ll help you to find the best way to follow. Moreover, reading the manual will help you set it up quickly.
  • Unscrew the reservoir- It’ll take only a few minutes to unscrew and fill the container of paint. 
  • Screw the cup with the nozzle. Make sure you lay the suction tubes in the proper place.
  • Fix the suction tube toward the front of the gun if you want to paint in a downward direction. On the other hand, set it toward the back of the gun if you’re going to paint upward. 
  • Detach the Wagner paint sprayer parts and attach the container with the nozzle and turbine.
  • Find the table of Power and Material Settings in the instruction Guide and Set the control spray based on the material and project to achieve the best smooth coating.

    – Set the sprayer to low pressure for sealer and stains from Min to 4.
    – And set it to high pressure for Primer and Latex from 5 to Max.
  • Connect with the power and start spraying immediately. Remember to adjust the ring to apply downward, upward, and side-to-side spraying.

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Clean-Up of Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer

  • First of all, read the manual and guidance carefully for cleaning the unit and its components.
  • Take off the unit from the power connection.
  • Pour the left paint to the paint can.
  • Take the right solution to clean it. For cleaning primer and latex paint, use soapy, warm water. And for other types of paint, rinse the unit with water.
  • Put it in the dry place and let it dry. Pull the trigger a couple of times.

FAQ’s About Flexio 590 Sprayer Review

#1. Can this model withhold exterior latex paint?

Yes, this model can use exterior latex. But you need to thin the paint a little bit before applying it.

#2. Is this sprayer suitable to use with oil-based paint? If “YES” is thinning required?

HVLP 590 FLEXiO can spray oil base paint, but you need to clean up with mineral spirits. Of course, based on the project you want to spray, you may need to thin the paint.

#3. What are the two nozzles sizes?

The iSpray front end nozzle size is 2.5mm, whereas the details nozzle is 1.8mm.

#4. Does it work with a 220V circuit?

No, it’s for use on a 120volt circuit.

#5. What solution liquid will I use to clean this sprayer if I use water-based paints?

You can use soap and water to clean up. Read the Wagner flexio 590 manual and follow the instruction for cleaning and clean as soon as you complete spraying.

FLEXiO HVLP 590 is probably the most efficient low-pressure high-volume paint sprayer available. It’s one of the best paint sprayers that can paint fast to help you complete your painting project quickly with different types of paints. These features coupled with its solid performances, make it stand out among its competitors.

Overall, for fast and large coverage, adjustability, user-friendliness, and professional look painting results, this Wagner paint sprayer is worth considering buying.

However, the decision is still yours.

We hope this Wagner Flexio 590 review helps you to pick the best hand-held paint sprayer for your needs.

Thanks for reading!

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